Thursday, December 9, 2010

Google Chrome - The platform of tomorrow?

The iPhone and other devices running the iOS have become amazing platforms for developers. With over 300,000 apps and games available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, there is no doubt that Apple's mobile operating system has set the standard for mobile apps. Android, Google's mobile operating system is not very far behind. And very recently, Android has crossed iPhone sales.

With the world slowly moving from their computer to the wonderful world of the Internet, and the cloud taking more importance now, Google is creating an operating system for computers, primarily netbooks, which will focus more on the Internet and web applications instead of programs installed locally on the computer, for all the work. It will essentially be a version of the Google Chrome browser built over the Linux kernel.

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Before its release, just very recently, Google unveiled the Chrome Web Store, where apart from all the Chrome Extensions and Themes, are available 'apps' for the Chrome browser, which is probably a step in the preparations for the release of Google Chrome OS on netbooks, and other portable computers.

The Chrome Web Store will have both paid and free apps, with free being most prominent right now on the store. Most of these are simply shortcuts to popular web applications. But there are some that are links to websites that have a version of their services that are built specifically for the browser.

The big question

This release of the Web Store sparked an idea in my mind. Will Google Chrome become the platform of tomorrow, like iOS, Android or Facebook? Will developers create so many programs (that are all online) as they have for Microsoft Windows?

The Web Store is pretty new now. Nothing can be said for sure. But it does look really promising to me.

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