Thursday, December 9, 2010

Facebook notifications land in TweetDeck... for Chrome

For a really long time, people have been wanting Facebook notifications as an added feature to the already awesome TweetDeck. If you don't know, TweetDeck is an Adobe Air program that brings together your online social life all in one place, for your desktop, iPhone or Android phone. I started to use it, coincidentally, a couple of days ago.

As soon as I installed TweetDeck and started getting around the feature rich interface, I noticed this limitation. There was no support for notifications on Facebook, while notifications actually power what you do there. I looked up online, and found that a lot of people were angry about this.

But now, after Chrome webapps are here, I tried out TweetDeck for Chrome, because I had found the desktop program pretty interesting. And I found instantly that it gets you your notifications.

When you install TweetDeck on Chrome, you'll find that the program has a more simplistic and slicker look. It loads up a lot faster than the desktop equivalent and does pretty much everything that you'd expect  its elder brother to do. But here, when you browse columns, you find that there is a notifications column under the Facebook section.

I hope that this feature will soon make its way onto the desktop version. Actually, you should be expecting this anytime.

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