Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google eBooks takes literature to the cloud

I recently started the series on 'Going to the Cloud!' and now Google releases eBooks. Just consider this the next step after you start browser sync.

If you saw that video, you pretty much understood everything. Google has lived up to the rumors and the eBook store has arrived. For now, only the free books are available everywhere, and the paid books are available only in the US. But I'm sure other countries will get it soon enough.

Google eBooks looks really promising. It is going to take reading to a new level. The idea of having everything on your Google Account, accessible from anywhere, on almost (I hate my Symbian phone very much now) every device is a great idea. Essentially, you can purchase the books from anywhere, read it on the go, from work, home or wherever you happen to be, all picking up from where you left of. It is so much open. Everything is stored on the cloud.

In a few weeks, I really want to see if this actually impacts Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Sony that much. I feel it can. Considering the brand recognition of Google and so many customers, I'm sure they have made thousands of dollars already.

What do you think? How will it turn out? Will you buy books from Google? Write it in the comments. And enjoy the cloud!

Update: Here's the next article in the series! (about an online distraction-free writer)