Friday, December 31, 2010

Tech News Flash: Skype video comes to phones, while China bans service altogether

Skype banned in China: China has banned Skype and other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps that were not owned by the government.
[Fast Company via People's Daily Online via Gizmodo]

The last Kodachrome film ever developed on Wednesday: Kodachrome, by Kodak, as the name implies, was the first ever commercially available color film. It's gone now.
[NYTimes via Mashable]

Skype mobile video call comes finally... to iOS: People are expecting Skype to bring out video calling on mobile devices. After so much anticipation, it is actually here. For now, it's just for the iOS. But you can video call on 3G and even with Skype users on a PC or Mac.
[Skype - The Big Blog via everythingiCafe]

Credit: Support Squad
Kindle book lending is here: The Barnes & Noble Nook had e-book lending, so you could give your friends a book to read for some time. The feature, highly anticipated, has finally come to the Kindle. But it looks like there are some 'eligible' books.
[Amazon via CNET]

Wordpress 3.0.4 critical update for 'security issues': Wordpress says that you should install this new WordPress update quickly, which fixes some major security issues.
[WordPress News via Naked Security via Download Squad]

Survey: 65% people have purchased content online: A recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows that 65% of Internet users have purchased something online. At least paid for it.
[Pew Research Center via Ars Technica]