Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tech News Flash: Skype explains its outage, while Netflix may go international

The 200th post on Right Now In Tech is going to be a pilot article in a new 'series' (if you may). Tech News Flash, as you can see from the title, will be a daily (or maybe once in a couple of days) series of posts that will be a simple list of the most interesting and hot news in the tech world.

Google testing ads below GMail messages: Google seems to be putting ads right below the messages in GMail. And some people say it is "annoying" and "intrusive".
[Google Operating System via Lifehacker]

HTC Evo Shift to get a January 9th release (probably): If you're waiting for HTC's next version of the Android-powered Evo, which was hyped about lately, your wait is possibly almost over.
[Android Central via CNET]

America's most visted website no longer Google, but Facebook: Facebook has become the biggest website of 2010, passing last year's Google.

iGoogle to be revamped?: iGoogle, Google's service that allows you have a customized homepage, complete with a search bar and gadgets may get a new interface.
[Google Operating System via Download Squad]

Skype explains its mysterious outage: For a really long time, Skype was unavailable to millions of users across the globe. While it is slowly recovering, they explain why it all happened.
[Skype - The Big Blog via Download Squad]

Netflix planning to go international: TV and movie streaming service Netflix is planning to become available in other countries.
[CBC News via CNET]

Android tablet Archos 70 has a 250 GB hard drive: The Android-running 'Internet tablet' Archos 70 from Archos holds a 250 GB hard drive, available for just $350.
[Archos via Gizmodo]