Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tech News Flash: Google testing new ads while Windows Phone 7 apps are pirated

Google putting a wide ad bar at the top of Google Images results: Some Images results for me have a wide and intrusive advertisement bar at the top.
[Right Now In Tech]

Internet Explorer 9 hits 20 million downloads: Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9, which is still in beta and of course an optional download from here has been downloaded 20 million times now.
[Exploring IE via Download Squad]

Nintendo 3DS will be harmful for young children: The much anticipated new gaming device from Nintendo, the 3DS will be harmful, according to the company for children under six years old, as the glassless 3D technology can be destructive of their still-developing vision.
Credit: Digital Trends
[Nintendo via Wall Street Journal via Ars Technica]

Windows Phone 7 apps now pirated and available free: Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS for mobile phones has got the acclaim. It even has an app Marketplace like those for the iOS and Android. But now there is something called the FreeMarketplace that gives away apps, cracked, for free.
[WPCentral via Ars Technica]