Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tech News Flash: Intel starting streaming service, PlayBook demoed

Intel starting new streaming service for new chips: Seems like there's an exclusive 1080p HD streaming service for the new 2011 CPU users. That's why the DRM is inbuilt. And it's official.
[Engadget via Download Squad]

Windows Phone 7 update rumors out: The rumor mills are running and there are a few expected things in a Windows Phone 7 update coming soon. They include copy-paste, IE9 and HTML5
[Windows Phone Secrets via Gizmodo]

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook video released: RIM is showing off features in the upcoming corporate tablet named the BlackBerry PlayBook... in a video!

[Inside BlackBerry via Boy Genius Report]

Lenovo IdeaPad hands-on: Mashable got their hands onto Lenovo's newly designed laptop. It is a normal Windows PC, until you detach the screen and it turns into an Android tablet. It was demoed in last years CES, but never got released. Apparently, it is coming back this year.

Kindle app for Windows Phone: The Kindle app for Windows Phone is now out. So now you can read Kindle books practically anywhere (not on Symbian phones!).
[WP7applist via Download Squad]

Internet is the next generation's go-to news source: Who didn't see that coming? Young adults go to the web first before switching on TV, study shows.
[Pew Research Center via Mashable]

nVidia launches site for 3D photos, videos and sports: If you have a 3D nVidia GPU, you can experience some 3D photos, videos and sports on nVidia's new website for such content.
[3D Vision Live via CNET]