Saturday, March 19, 2011

Edit Facebook comment after posting

The new Facebook commenting system changes a few things that people won't necessarily like to have upgraded. You've probably noticed it too, right? You simply press Enter to go to the next line, but it actually posts the comment. So you get an incomplete comment posted for everyone to read. Instead of copying, deleting and pasting again, you can do this...

To edit a comment, simply mouse over it until you see the little cross. Click it. The comment will turn into a text box for editing. It even tells you that you can press Shift+Enter to go to a new line.

There are a few limitations to this feature too. You won't be able to edit a comment if it has been submitted over a minute (or less, I'm not sure enough) ago. Also, according to Download Squad, (who also happened to discover this), possibly even after someone else has commented after you.