Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Extract media from PowerPoint presentations

Picture this: You deleted every copy of a photo, audio file or video from your computer, and the only place it is still present in is a PowerPoint slideshow. You know that the presentation can be opened from any computer, and every piece of media used in the presentation is neatly bundled in the file. So you can extract it, right? Yes, you are right.

But how do you do it? How-To Geek showed us in an 'Ask How-To Geek' post recently.

Simply open the presentation in PowerPoint 2007 or higher and re-save it in the format *.pptx if it isn't so already. Then rename it and change the extension to *.zip (I know it damages files usually, but this is going to work).

Now, if you open up the zipped file, you'll see all the media, neatly organized in folders. This includes the presentation's template, images used, audio, video and whatnot. Browse to ppt, media and you will find all the images and other media saved in there. Simply extract the files from the zipped folder and they will be perfectly normal.

[via HTG]