Wednesday, March 9, 2011

webOS coming to HP computers next year

HP's CEO Leo Apotheker announced that beginning next year (2012), every PC that they ship will have the ability to run webOS along with Windows.

Now, what do you think about that?

In a media event at Bangalore, India, Apotheker talked about a lot of stuff, including the company's shares and the future. One of the important parts was the inclusion of webOS on every PC they make, beginning in 2012.

HP acquired Palm in mid-2010 for $1.2 billion. With the acquisition, they also got Palm's mobile operating system webOS. Very recently (February 2011), they announced a tablet and two smartphones that will run webOS. They got mixed reviews by first-look reviewers.

Now, Apotheker announced that HP wants to make better use of this operating system. They also want to differentiate their products from their rivals. So, they are making it possible to run webOS on higher-end computers. He said,
"You create a massive platform..."
Clearly, HP wants to create an ecosystem of products that run the same operating system, similar to what Apple does.

He also noted that the problem that faces them is software. webOS has about 6,000 apps, which obviously isn't a lot compared to Apple's iOS, which has over 350,000 apps available, and Android, which has about 250,000.

[via BusinessWeek]