Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Someone made Kinect work on the PS3

Yep. You read it right. Enough 3D holograms, 3D drawing and other stuff using the Kinect. Shantanu Goel successfully made the Kinect work with the PS3. And he made a video of himself playing Killzone 3 with it. Not that it works perfectly, but sure you can probably make it better yourself. He has released the source code and instructions too.

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If you have a bit of technical know-how, can code and/or are a geek, you can probably get it to work yourself. Shantanu hasn't written an elaborate guide on hacking it up yourself, but the details on how he got the Kinect to work with the PlayStation 3 is up on his blog.

Here's his video:

UPDATE: The video wasn't working for some reason due to some embed problem. I've fixed it now. Thanks Godstempel!