Monday, April 18, 2011

Goodbye, Google Videos (or: How to save your uploaded videos)

Flock, the first social web browser is dying away, with its developers moving over to Zynga. And now, Google is shutting down its old Google Videos service, whose videos were still available after it shut down.

All the videos uploaded to Google Videos will be removed. Read further to learn how to save your videos.
Google Videos was started in 2005. But then Google acquired YouTube the year after. There was no point of having two distinct video sharing services being run by the same company. So, Google Videos stopped accepting more uploads. But all the videos were still available.

But Google is now shutting down that service completely, and deleting all those videos. They want Google Video to simply be a video search engine. And the existing videos probably just confuse people.

If you have your content on Google Videos, you can download them. You need to go to the Video Status page and download all of your videos using the relevant links available. After you have downloaded one, it will be marked as already downloaded. This feature will be gone after May 13.

[via Mashable]