Friday, July 1, 2011

Google gets heavily redesigned

Recently, Google started rolling out the black header bar and a black YouTube player to some people. The dark header bar did not look very good to me. But now, some major redesigning has radically made the black look great.

And this time around for Google, black and red are in.
Major noticeable things in the new redesign are
  • A smaller logo and search bar on the homepage, with a cleaner look
  • Red and black color scheme; with new icons for the left sidebar
  • Other interface changes on the search results page
This Google redesign is a precursor to the new Google+ social sharing service. Google will be integrating the new social features right into the search engine interface. Moreover, they have promised some gradual interface changes in Gmail and Maps as well.

As I write this, Blogger also seems to be acting up. Many times, there are errors when saving the post, and several times I get a 'Bad Request' page. Maybe they are also working on the new Blogger interface. Maybe it's a problem on my side.