Monday, August 15, 2011

Firefox 6 out too early

Firefox 6 is is out already. And it's just two months since the realease of Firefox 5. Remember the fast release cycle? It promises to be at least 20% faster than the previous version too.

But I've been following the beta since forever, and there are not many changes in this version either. You might see some new cosmetic stuff. For example, the unimportant stuff from a website's URL is faded out.

Firefox 6 was planned to release next week. The welcome page even says 'Firefox 6 Beta'. So, this 'stable' version might be updated again next week.

Mostly, Firefox 6 is all about bug fixes, but Mozilla seems to be experimenting with another major UI refresh in the nightly releases of Firefox, which I haven't been following (download here).

Firefox's UI experiments mockup for next versions