Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, passes away

Steve Jobs, a person credited with making some extremely important technological innovations passed away on the 5th of October after losing against cancer.
The Apple website has a 'Remembering Steve Jobs' page right now. The company is also encouraging any thoughts, condolences and memories to be sent to

Steve Jobs was 56 when he died. He was the founder of Apple, NeXT Computer and Pixar (latter was later purchased by Disney and makes some awesome movies). It is widely said that Jobs, with his genius, perfectionism and whatnot had revolutionized several industries and given the world a lot of things which could not have been possible without him at all.

Steve Jobs had defeated pancreatic cancer once in 2004. He also had several medical problems in the years to come. His death was very widely mourned all over the world.

Talking about Steve Jobs, here is a speech he gave at Stanford University about 'How to live before you die':

And here he is, unveiling the first iPod ever in 2001, and thus revolutionizing the music and entertainment industry once and for all:

We will remember you, Steve Jobs!