Friday, March 9, 2012

Facebook brand pages get Timeline

This is a guest post by Christine Kane.

There are two types of Facebook profiles, your personal and then your brand page. Brand pages are often referred to as a fan or business pages. The latest change in Facebook is the Timeline format. It began with personal profiles and it has now ventured to the fan pages. While personal profiles still have the option to delay the inevitable (mandatory Timeline for all users) Facebook has announced that fan pages will be all changed to the Timeline format by the end of this month, March 30.

Depending on how you approach the change, this could be a hassle or a help. It’s a hassle for those who have spent time perfecting their brand page look. However you feel about the change, the new design and layout is much more eye catching.  Your new page has a large cover photo across the top of the profile, which could be a great visual for your fans. The look of Timeline breaks up your page reading like a newspaper rather than scrolling down for information. You can almost consider it your personal free webpage for your product or business.

The largest and probably the most effective change in the Timeline brand page is the administration options are now known as ‘Admin Panel’. The ‘Admin Panel’ is just that a panel at the top of your brand page that breaks everything down for the admins. It makes it easier for the admin to navigate and monitor all changes and updates to your brand page, definitely making it more of a marketing tool than a social tool. You are able to see any new messages, new likes, notifications and your insights.  The ‘Manage’ drop down gives you the ability to edit your page, use your activity log and see banned users. Your ‘Build Audience’ drop down is a great addition because you can invite email contacts and create an ad.

Facebook is constantly changing and for the most part bettering itself. Facebook has come a long way in making it more user-friendly and beneficial for business and your brand. Expect more changes in the future and be patient. Keep in mind this a free marketing service that has over 800 million users, so roll with the punches. Change over your Facebook Brand page today and have fun!

About the Author

This Guest post is by Christine Kane, a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects including internet service for different blogs. She can be reached via email at: