Wednesday, June 6, 2012

iPad May Get Siri with iOS 6

There have been recent reports from reliable sources that Apple has been testing Siri, the personal voice-assistant from the iPhone 4S on the iPad. It is said that Siri will come with the iOS 6 update.

Based on the information, we also have mockups of what Siri will look like on the iPad.
What 9to5Mac calls "trusted sources" say that Apple will bump up the Siri-based voice dictation feature on the new iPad with the fully-fledged Siri from the iPhone 4S in an interface that is better suited for the larger screen. Based on what they've got, here's what the new feature should look like once summoned by long-pressing the Home button on the iPad:

It is still unclear whether or not Apple will make this new feature exclusive to the third-generation iPad.

Here's what I think has happened and will happen:
  1. Siri was launched as a beta feature on the newest iPhone.
  2. Apple advertised the Siri dictation on the new iPad and used the feature to test if or not the microphone can easily pick the user's voice from the longer distance between them and their iPad (compared to the iPhone).
  3. At WWDC, Apple will unveil Siri for iPad and remove it from beta, although features will always need to be added and changed.
I hope it will also be available for the iPad 2 (which I have), if at all.