Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Android Apps For Web Designers

This is a guest post by Alyssa Clarke.

No matter how many new and improved species hit the market in 2012, Android users will still continue to be the cream of the tech savvy society. The apps available for Android always keep the Android loving clan at the top list of this gizmo world. Let us have a look at ten such handsets available for Android users.
1. AndFTP
If you want something extra from your Android other than simple net connectivity, this application will be a convenient one for you. It comes with the facility to set up accessibility with your web server. So, it gives you the opportunity to view, upload and update files from any location. Bonus on this is that, you can edit yours as well as your client’s contents with this app on your Android, even without the need of a computer or a laptop! The plus points are beautiful interface and multiple domain supports from SFTP, FTP and FTPS connections.

This is a free source code editor that is simple and convenient to handle. It offers edit options from CSS, HTML and PHP files, which can be saved in your Android handset and send to your mail account as per your convenience. Although it is still under further development due to some functional issues, it is getting improved with every new version of Android. As mentioned in Cellphonebeat, SilverEdit is completely a customizable App and hence provides you with the option to have a customized choice editor to work on.

3. Photoshop
You get the key to your customized world when you get this app free for your Android gadget. Even though its functions as a bit restricted as compared to the privileges you get in a desktop or a laptop, you can still play with the images by processing them in the way you wish with extended applications such as rotate, crop, filters and saturation. You can also share the works you create on

4. View Web Source
If there is something that appears interesting to you and you wish to study further, this app will be an ideal assistance for you. It downloads the entire code of the source destination in its text editor. You will also be given added benefit of editing and manipulating the code. Further, you can leave comments, save on your handset and send the file to your mail account.

5. Mobile Google Analytics
Your hot favorite Google Analytics is now available in your Android gadget. Mobile GA makes use of the API extension of Google Analytics to transfer site data, ensuring security and privacy in the process. The absence of third party involvement in the whole affair accounts for the privacy factor.

6. Dropbox
This cloud based backup app comes complementary with Android. It permits accessibility to a remote folder and all the necessary documents that have been stored on a server. This app also gives you access to your personal Dropbox account as well while you are on the move. Thus, it makes sharing of documents with multiple computers much convenient.

7. WordPress Mobile
If you are a regular WordPress user and own your personal WordPress site as well, this app will come as a treat for you. This WordPress version for Android is a portable way of editing contents, creating new posts, managing comments and doing everything that you do on a full size WordPress version. So, blogging on the move will be fun with this app.

8. Thinking Space
This app is especially beneficial for the creative minds in which ideas pop in every now and then. It acts as an instant storage that records the byproducts of your brainstoms and maps out the creative ideas every time they evolve. The bonus feature of this app is its synchronization with another app, Google App Engine. Hence, it is very well understood that now you can upload data and access them from anywhere by means of your Android handset.

9. Typography Junkies
Where typography and layout design are the basics of a meaningful interface, there is hardly any question that that Android users will never lag behind. So, this app is offered for free to this blessed clan. It integrates the latest news about the new layouts, fonts and display via images, videos social media pop ups and many more tools. Browse through them and download the latest look for your Android.

10. HTML Test
If you have already heard a lot about HTML but do not have much knowledge about the same, this free Android app is a must for you. It is a portable version of HTML that gives you an overview on the same and also tests your understanding via multiple-choice questions and answer collection for you to match with.

If you are perplexed whether to shift away from Android, these free apps will inspire you to remain loyal with the same. Use these apps and make your experience with Android interesting and informative.

About the Author
Alyssa Clarke is a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. She frequently writes on SEO, marketing and social media related topics. Her favorite sites are Gizmowatch and Cellphonebeat, which she also happens to work for. She is a social media addict and can be actively found on twitter @alyssagclarke.