Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Songza App Streams Music With Almost No Restrictions

Songza, a new online radio app gained an amazing level of popularity recently. It topped in free apps in the US iTunes store for both iPhone and iPad. Unlike most paid subscription streaming services, Songza suggests playlists based on the time of the day, your mood and what you're doing and does so with almost no restrictions at all.

I've given it a try and here's what it's all about.
Currently available only in the US due to licensing restrictions (although the iOS app from the US store works outside the US if you get it installed), Songza has no audio advertisements at all. Unlike Pandora, which charges $36 a year or Slacker, which charges $4 a month to get rid of audio ads, Songza only displays small display ads in the app itself.

Number of skips in a playlist is restricted (although it's a large number), but the playlists play on shuffle, so nothing stops you from restarting the playlist. It plays all sorts of new and old songs, including very famous new artists to indie bands.

Due to legal restrictions, you cannot rewind or skip through parts of a song or search for songs you want, just like most streaming services.

That aside, the cool thing about Songza is the way it suggests playlists for you. When you start the app, it tells you the time of the day with a cool hue background based on the time and suggests different moods/tasks for you (such as "Unwinding after a long day" or "Studying") and suggests playlists based on what you're doing.

Alternatively, you can also search for playlists and find "iTunes Top 25" or "Epic Movie Soundtracks", that have been manually curated. You can also browse by moods manually.

Songza is a very well-designed, slick looking app (at least for iOS) that essentially lets you play unlimited music based on your mood. And no, this isn't another pay-or-be-restricted music streaming service. If you live in the US, you ought to give this a try.

Songza is available on Android and iOS. Here's the official website.