Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dropbox Revamps Pricing Scheme, Doubles Capacities for Pro Users

With no warning whatsoever, Dropbox has suddenly refreshed its pricing and plans, doubling the amount of space in paying customers' uses.

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Currently, Dropbox used to come with 2 GB of free storage space (upgradable to more than 15 GB for free), to which 50 or 100 GB would be added based on the plan. Now, they have doubled the paid plans available to 100 and 200 GB, retiring the Dropbox Pro 50 plan. Moreover, they also plan to launch a 500 GB plan. Along with this, Dropbox Teams also exists for corporate users or heavy users working together, starting with 1 TB of space.

Dropbox is most likely doing this because of competition from other companies, such as Google. Dropbox was actually falling behind in pricing competition and they felt the heat.

I noticed the double space a few hours before receiving an email from Dropbox explaining it. Dropbox is also letting users invite one person for a trial of the Pro 100 plan for three months