Friday, July 13, 2012

Raspberry Pi Bulk Orders Available in Under a Week

Raspberry Pi, the world's cheapest 'computer' has only been available in very limited quantities since its release. A tweet from the official Raspberry Pi account suggests that bulk orders will finally be available very very soon.
@Georgeloak on Twitter asked @Raspberry_Pi how long it will take for 300 units to ship for an "upcoming project". The Raspberry Pi account replied with this:
@GeorgeIoak Bulk orders will be available in under a week. Watch our front page for an announcement.
Looks like customers will not have to contact one of the two retailers who sell the units for the non-profit company and wait for units to be ready for shipping. The Pi is finally ready for production in massive quantities.

If you don't know about it, the Raspberry Pi is a computer that costs $25 to $35 (may be more to ship to certain countries) and is basically a system on a tiny, credit-card sized motherboard. It does not work out of the box and requires a separate monitor, keyboard, mouse and a micro SD card. Users install a version of Linux onto a memory card and boot the device from it.