Thursday, August 23, 2012

25 Years Later, Microsoft Gets a New Logo

As far as we can remember, Microsoft has been a technology giant. Its Windows operating system is the most used in the world. Windows 7 has even been the fastest-selling OS ever. During so many innovations, numerous products and countless successes and failures, the company has retained its very old logo.

25 years later, MS is moving on.

The Microsoft logo now takes the four colors from its Windows operating system, each standing for a product line. Take a look at this very short introductory video.

Red (now a bit orange, in fact) is Office, green is XBOX and blue is Windows. The video does not say what the yellow stand for, but it may be Windows Phone. Who knows?

I'm a bit surprised to see Microsoft take away these four colors from the Windows operating system logo and dedicate only the color blue to it. But I like the new logo. It's clean and as simple as it can get. The sans-serif font is perfect and the colors have a more joyful hue.

Bye bye, old logo.

So how do you like this one? Share your thoughts in the comments!