Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook For iOS Gets Updated; Now Twice As Fast

Facebook's mobile apps have got a bad rap among many. I've heard people say that their iOS app fails to load anything, is really slow and horribly buggy.

The social network and advertising giant has released a new version of their iOS app that has been "rebuilt" so that "it's faster and easier to use". And boy, it is amazing! Continue reading for more details.

The Facebook app remains the free, Universal app, but the version number has been bumped to 5.0. The changelog on iTunes may seem banal, but inside, every single thing has been revamped. It's about time, as well.

Rather than being a wrapper around the mobile website that it was before (mostly), it's now a full iOS app written in Objective-C.

It opens up quickly, loads fast, refreshes in a snap and even notifies you when you scroll down that there are new items in your News Feed. When you tap the comments and likes icon on an item, a pretty-looking pop-up shows (at least on iPad) that actually functions well.

Overall, the new app doesn't look like it was built in a hurry and completely neglected. On the iPad version, even Timeline's available (which is basically a slightly tweaked version of the website with deeper integration in the app UI).

This big update only makes sense for Facebook. A massive amount of Facebook users access the social network using their mobile devices.

Just try it out for yourself! Download it here.