Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iOS 6 Will Drop YouTube App; Google Making Standalone Version

iOS 6 beta 4 has been released to developers with an interesting change. Apple will be removing the stock YouTube app along with Google Maps support.

Engadget reports that they contacted Apple. They say that their license to include YouTube in iOS has expired. Nevertheless, older versions of iOS will not lose the stock app.

The Verge contacted Google regarding this matter. A YouTube spokesperson said that "we are working with Apple to ensure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users", which means they are working on an app that will be released on the App Store.

Well, I am happy with this. As I have said earlier, the stock YouTube app was not good at all. It lacked stream quality selection and wasn't updated frequently with changes in the YouTube website. I have even taught you how to disable this app and set the YouTube web app as default.

If Google releases a YouTube app separately, it will be managed by Google and frequently updated. Another advantage is that since Google has full control over this app, it may be possible for them to enable advertising in it. There is a possibility that this will enable you to watch videos that are not available on mobile devices due to advertising restrictions. I had posted this trick earlier that works in most cases, even now, though.