Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ten 1 Design's Pogo Connect Stylus FAQ Hints At "iPad Mini"

redditor that goes by the name of "DesolationRow" has discovered something very interesting on the company Ten 1 Design's website. The FAQ section for their new Pogo Connect pressure-sensitive capacitive stylus mentions compatibility with an "iPad mini".
Said redditor even tweeted to Ten 1 Design an inquiry:
I sent off a quick tweet to them about it asking "if they knew a secret"... their response was "Oh, We know plenty of secrets. :)"

Here's a link to this tweet. In case it goes down for whatever reason, here's a screencap:

Pogo Connect's FAQ can be found on this page. Suspicious sentence is in the second question's answer.

This creates several questions. How do these people know about a smaller iPad? Are they one of Apple's partners that will be present with a stylus demo at the unveiling of the smaller iPad? Are they just speculating the existence of this product like everyone else? They may only be trying to get some extra press, as another redditor points out in the comments.

Let's see how this plays out, if it does at all.