Friday, September 7, 2012

Amazon Announces Kindle Paperwhite Models And New Kindle Fire Linue-Up

In a press conference about 12 hours ago, Amazon announced an almost-completely refreshed Kindle line-up. The Kindle Paperwhite from the leaks and the TV ad was one of the models shown off as well. The cheapest Kindle now costs only $69 and there are two different Kindle Fire models.

Read on for all the details.
The Kindle Paperwhite replaces the Kindle Touch models from last year. The regular, $79 Kindle 4 from last year is now the entry-level model at only $69 (with Special Offers). The new Paperwhite models are available for $119 (Wi-Fi only) and $179 (with 3G) for the Special Offers versions. Add $20 for no ads for all these models. The Paperwhite models release on October 1 and the $69 Kindle ships now.

The Paperwhite models are actually major upgrades to the Kindle line. They have a specially lit screen that are fundamentally different from the B&N NOOK Simple Touch. A "nanoimprinted light guide" layer on top of the capacitive touch screen layer evenly lights the entire screen while not causing eye-strain. Instead of light coming onto your face like from an LCD, the light is focused onto the page, as if from an external light source. Besides, the battery lasts the same eight weeks with the light on all the time. It's the lighting that gives you the "paper-white" contrast. Light intensity can be changed. When you turn it off (you never need to!), the screen looks like the one on the regular Kindles.

The Paperwhite models have a lot higher resolution than all previous models (62% more pixels) so there are several completely redesigned fonts to choose from that look really good.

Currently, the Kindle Keyboard (Wi-Fi + 3G) is still available for $139 with Special Offers is still available, while the old Kindle DX is being phased out.

The original Kindle Fire is still available, but it now costs $159 ($50 less). A newer Kindle Fire HD is now available for $199 (16 GB). It has a higher resolution screen and Dolby Digital sound along with other performance improvements inside. The Kindle Fire HD also comes in 32 GB and costs $249.

There is also a Kindle Fire HD with an 8.9" screen that costs $299 and ships in November. A 4G model will be available for $499 with a $50/year data plan.

All these models are now open for pre-orders. Here are the store pages for all these products:

E-Ink readers

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite 3G

$69 Kindle

Kindle Keyboard 3G

Kindle Fire tablets

Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Wireless

Fire HD 8.9"

Fire HD