Monday, October 8, 2012

iOS App Review: Chameleon Care

"Chameleon Care is a simplistic, bare-boned game that is fun for a while but it does not hold you for long."

What It Is

Chameleon Care is a FarmVille-style simulator game in which you take care of and breed chameleons. You feed chameleons, breed different types of chameleons and create cross-breeds, raise crickets for food and spend money on upgrades for the chameleons' habitats.

However, the game has its own share of flaws and just doesn't hold you for very long either.

Price: Free (in-app purchases mostly stay out of the way)
Available for: iPhone, iPod touch

The Good

Has some educational value

Little children may learn a thing or two from the game, such as various chameleon breeds, their preferred habitats and what they eat.

Farming-style gameplay may hold some people

This game is based on the farming model in which you set something to happen (such as leaving an egg to be ready to hatch) and then wait for a set amount of real time before you see the actual change in the game itself. If you like such games, you might find yourself playing this.

The Bad

Poor graphics

This app doesn't even seem to be Retina-optimized. The quality of graphics is also not uniform. Some graphics are sharp enough while some parts of the game are slightly blurry. The game has not been optimized for iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th-gen) You may especially notice this when you pinch-zoom onto the shelve where you put chameleon habitats.

Chameleons are not interactive

The game would be a lot more enjoyable if the chameleons interacted with the player, for instance, when touched. They just walk around branches and don’t feel like real pets.

Pointless game that lacks depth

Sure, the notifications about your chameleons being hungry may bring you back now and then, but there’s really no point to the game. FarmVille was the same, except it had a social angle. However, Chameleon Care doesn’t have much to satisfy you. There are some goals that keep popping up, but it just gets boring after a while.