Monday, October 8, 2012

How To Put Apple EarPods Back Into The Carrying Case

You may have received the new Apple remote headphones that they call EarPods with the new iPhone 5 or with one of the new iPods or you may have purchased a pair standalone. You might have been excited to try them out and you quickly took them out from the carrying case. But when you tried to put them back, they don't seem to completely wrap around very neatly.

Here's how to put them back in.

Step 1

Insert left and right earpieces into the left and right slots. Follow the picture below.


Step 2

Take the cable from the left earpiece, wrap it around the left side of the case and when you get to the top, take it through the center slot. Then wrap around the wire from the right earpiece the same way, but on the right side. You should find that the microphone and remote piece go perfectly into the center slot and over the wire that you previously put through it.

Step 3

Now wrap around all the leftover wire either way all around the case and close the lid. You may or may not need to push in some bits of wire to allow the lid to fit, but if you have done this right, you should eventually be able to snap all four sides of the lid onto the case.

Using the case may be a bit annoying and time consuming, but in the long run, you may get quicker with practice and make your headphones last longer.