Saturday, October 6, 2012

The New Samsung ChatON App Is The Mobile IM App You’re Looking For

Samsung’s newly updated instant messaging app ChatON is like the Swiss Army knife of IM apps. It’s absolutely free and available on so many different platforms. This can be major competition to WhatsApp if it can get a massive user base.

I checked this app out on an iPhone running iOS 6 and I was very impressed. I speak for the iOS version in this article. It may be different on other platforms.

The Features

It’s hard to go over so many features in great detail. The app is totally packed with them and yet it keeps things out of the way and completely clutter-free.

The basics

For starters, the app has all the regular features from any other IM app like WhatsApp. You can see a list of your contacts who have registered for ChatON. Your account is tied to your phone number so it’s easy to discover your friends that use the app already.

You can call anyone from within the app and you can give people nicknames.

In-chat features

ChatON features many cute regular emoticons as well as anicons, which can be downloaded separately. The latter are animated emoticons.

While in the chat, you can even send attachments to your buddy. Hit the attachments button near the top left of the keyboard and you can select from a few options. You can send photos that are already on your phone. You can also take a picture on the fly and send it. Besides, there’s contact sharing, calendar event sharing, location sharing and more. You can also send your friend an Animessage. This option lets you create an animated photo, in which you can handwrite, stamp and choose a background (even from camera). This can be viewed as an animation by the other person; it looks like you’re drawing it on their screen.

There’s also a feature called the Trunk, which allows you to see all the multimedia content that has been shared in this chat and send it to social network sites and comment on the content as well.

Other features

ChatON also has group chat support so you can chat with multiple people at the same time. Additionally, you can also view interaction stats for your friends. You can sort your friends based on the amount of interaction between you.


ChatON can be downloaded via the links on its official website. It's available on Samsung Apps for Android and Bada, on Google Play, on iTunes (for iPhone and iPod touch), for BlackBerry and for Windows Phone 7. It's a truly cross-platform mobile app.

This post was sponsored by Protein Networks, on behalf of Samsung. Nevertheless, this post accurately represents my actual view toward this product.