Saturday, February 9, 2013

iQueue Free is an All-in-One iPhone App to Manage Your Netflix Queues

Ever since I got my Netflix DVD subscription, I have found myself remembering movies that I want to watch on-the-go, like when someone recommends them to me in person. The official Netflix app does not allow adding discs to the DVD queue as of now. The iOS app is basically Netflix Instant for iPhone and iPad. iQueue solves that problem.

iQueue is an app for iPhone from Elaydin Tech. There's a free version, which is very usable for everyone without many limitations. The full version ($0.99):
  1. Has no ads.
  2. Allows you to play Instant content with a single tap.
  3. Allows you to search by actor/director.
iQueue is very useful when you want to manage your DVD queue from your iPhone. It can also add/delete stuff from your Instant Queue if you want. The app is quite straightforward. You go to the search or browse tab to find a movie and tap the DVD button to add it to your queue. I am not sure how it handles TV shows with multiple DVDs. I am also unsure about Blu-Ray because I am on a DVD-only plan.

The app uses Netflix's official API - nothing shady. It keeps you logged in unless you sign out. It does everything as advertised. Keep in mind that iQueue adds movies to the top of your queue by default. Go to the settings at the bottom of the main screen to change this to avoid any confusion.

The app has a lot of useful functionality, but it doesn't look very good. The interface has a lousy, untidy and very dirty-looking design (mostly because of the background graphic). But the app's usefulness overshadows this in my case. Plus it has iPhone 5 support, so I'm good.

Download iQueue and iQueue Free from iTunes.