Sunday, February 3, 2013

Netflix Wants at Least Five New Shows a Year

"House of Cards", a political drama series released this weekend exclusively on Netflix. It was a show with a $100 million budget. Netflix original series do not air with a pilot. All episodes are released at once on Netflix Instant. Lilyhammer was another Netflix original show, with a second season coming this year.

Netflix is saying that they want at least five original shows every year.
Chief content officer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos says that their goal "is to become HBO faster than HBO becomes [them]." In 2013, Netflix will be releasing six original shows already (in the US), counting the second season of Lilyhammer. Others are Hemlock Grove (trailer), which I think looks very cool, and a new season of the cult classic sitcom Arrested Development.

"I really think we have the chance to radically change the depth of character connectivity," Sarandos says to GQ in an interview, "I mean, a meaningful shift. It's going to further blur the line between television and movies."

[GQ via The Verge]