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Top Tablets for Kids in 2013

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With the excitement and presents exchagne of Christmas and New Year's over, a lot of people will be chuffed with their new gadgets and devices, many of which we're sure would be some of the latest tablets. But spare a thought for the kids and if they're still aching for a tablet to play with, instead of letting them run loose on your shiny new iPad or Nexus, why not try one of these budget, kid-friendly tablets. While the mainstream tablets like the iPad and Nexus are aimed for adults and kids alike, there are tablets made specifically for kids keeping in mind their activity levels whilst also incorporating the newest technology. We review some of the best kids tablets available in 2013 here - listed in no particular order I should add.
Arnova ChildPad

Arnova ChildPad
The Arnova ChildPad is, as the name suggests, a tablet made exclusively for kids. Surprisingly, though, it comes in as a well packed tablet that can be used by kids in their late teens as well. If you are reluctant to let your kid have your iPad, this is the next best choice. Running on the latest Android version, it features a 7" screen that will keep your kid engrossed for hours. Your kid can play games, browse the internet, and watch videos on the crisp screen that renders content in their best format. It also has parental controls to limit your kid's online activity, and to keep them safe. The only drawback is that the case has to be bought separate, and doesn't come bundled in.

Disgo Busbi 7

Disgo Busbi 7

The Busbi 7 is a tablet that's great for kids whilst still having an 'adult' iPad-like look to it. Also running on the latest version (Ice Cream Sandwich) of the Android OS, the Busbi 7 makes for a cheap and cheerful tablet for kids who are caught up in all the tablet hype whilst seeing all their friends getting one. It's a very affordable tablet that'll keep them entertained for a long while yet with the thousands of apps available on the Android Store. Although it weights a hefty 750 grams, the Busbi 7 combines the newest technology into a very compact form resulting in a great tablet experience. It runs on 512 MB of RAM and has 4 GB of onboard storage, which can be expanded using an external memory card. You can read the full review of the Busbi 7 here.

Lexibook First Tablet

Lexibook First Tablet

As the name suggests, the First Tablet from Lexibook was meant to be just that - the perfect first tablet for your kid. It's designed for rough use, too, which is evident from the rubber padding that comes around the tablet. It comes with a host of features that small kids will love. However, it might not appeal much to the older, sharper kids as it runs an older version of Android and has a sub-par touch screen that's not exactly best in class. For a first tablet, however, it makes the cut.

VTech InnoTab 2

The InnoTab 2 from VTech features a camera, which is a great way to keep your kids occupied with their tablet. It features a completely customizable interface, right from the buttons to the windows and icons. Kids will have great fun exploring the InnoTab, without a doubt. It uses cartridges for expanding memory, and these cartridges are surprisingly affordable. The only drawback we found was the startup time, which takes quite a bit. It would be a wise idea to hand over the tablet to your kid only after it has completely loaded and is ready to use.

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer

The LeapPad2 comes as a delightful sequel to the widely popular LeapPad, which was the fancy of thousands of kids. The newer version has dual cameras (one each in the front and the back), a fast processor and some great apps on board that will let the creative juices of your kid flow in full force. There are apps that will keep your kids entertained for a long time. The biggest drawback in the LeapPad2 is, again, the unconventional was in which apps are installed. But to exacerbate matters, they're sold in cartridges which, unlike the InnoTab2, are certainly not cheap. Some of these are surprisingly expensive, and will make you think twice before buying. Otherwise, this is a great tablet for kids.

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