Friday, May 7, 2010

Google's makeover

I had recently started getting a fresh new look at the Google search page. It looked more like Bing, as people say all over the world. Sites say that it has now officially released and rolled out the fresh new look all over. But I stopped getting it after I came to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I saw some others too in the comments sections of various news sites.

I believe, this look is much better than the original. The colours are brighter and the shadow under its logo is completely gone, and so has the 'TM' on the logo. But has anyone noticed, the new search page is a cluster of duplicate options. There is a side panel for options to search Images, Videos, Books and whatever, but the links on the top left of the page haven't gone either. Probably they'll fix this soon.

Personally, I like this new look. It's the new decade after all. I also like the new animations when expanding the side panel options and other stuff. If you see the CNET article mentioned down there, you can see the comparison between the two logos. There's not a lot of changes to the colour brightness, but it looks more cheerful and attractive because of the missing shadow.

CNET's Tom Krazit covers the details on this topic and gives his take here.

Happy Googling.