Friday, May 7, 2010

Logon to Windows with your face

Hey, if you're like me, you were probably some day looking for a freebie face recognition software. If you're more like me then you stumbled on to KeyLemon. But that was not free and you didn't want to plunk in some cash for something you didn't practically require but you wanted to have fun with. So you closed your browser or went somewhere else. But now, you've got something.

Blink! is a freeware that has fewer features than KeyLemon, but it is completely free. This winner of a 4.5 star rating from is a really intelligent facial recognition software that can never be fooled (as far I have and CNET has tried to fool it). Also, it works even if you are wearing sunglasses, or have a new beard, or you have a new haircut.

Just download, install and get going. It has a small wizard that enrolls your face in about ten seconds and is ready for use. The next time you lock your screen or log off or reboot, or whatever, the Welcome Screen has a small webcam monitor. Sit it front of it, and it detects your face and logs you on. Simple. I even tried to show it a photo of mine on my phone. CNET's Seth Rosenblatt used colour prints to fool it but it really understand if the face isn't alive.

So, this freeware is available for download from here. Sorry, it's not yet available for 64-bit machines. You'll have to wait for some more time.

Give it a try. Hey, what about using a moving video of your face? I'll try it.