Monday, August 30, 2010

Older people using more social networks now

PewInternet, a project "that provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world" has published a report recently, that analyzed the use of social networks among the Internet users aged over 50.
Photo from Born4Digital

Between April '09 and May '10, the use of social networks overall, by Internet users over fifty years of age grew from about 25% to 47%. PewInternet says that the use of social networks is highest among the younger generation (duh!), the growth in use of social networks of this generation is shadowed by the growth in the same in seniors.

That means, a lot of senior citizens all over the world are using social networking now. There is high growth in their use too. 20% of people 50-64 years world-over say that they use social networking on a typical day. An year ago, it was just 10%. That's considerable growth.

More stats, directly quoted from New York Times:
"Overall, 92% of all older adults and 89% of all seniors send or read email daily. With regards to online news gathering, 76% of older adults get their news online and 42% say they do so daily. Among seniors, about 62% look for news online and 34% say that they do so daily."

Stats aside. What does this mean? Are older adults looking for more and interesting stuff online? Or are they suggested by their younger relatives to come to Facebook and Twitter?

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