Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things to do with Wolfram|Alpha when you're bored: Mix up colours

Okay, here's another one of my Wolfram|Alpha fun tips. You can mix up digital colours with it. For example, type in 'crimson + violet', obviously without quotation marks, as usual.

You'll get in return amazing, fun data about the colours, what they form together, and the hexadecimal code for it. For non-geeks, that's the code you can use for the colour in HTML coding. For the colour my example formed, it was '#E54B95'.

The results will show you the nearest named colours too. That's pretty interesting. The colour my example formed was between the shades hot pink and pale violet red. At times, they may have some interesting names.

Among a handful of other things, there will also be the amount of red green and blue in each colour. Hey, you knew that, didn't you? All the colours form by mixing up these three scientific primary colours.

Have fun with this. Also, try typing in single colours. For more colour fun (that you can use in Wolfram|Alpha, and all over the web, look at this, this and this page (each one opens in a new window or tab).

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