Sunday, August 29, 2010

The secret Snake game in the YouTube player

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I don't know when this was sneaked into the YouTube player, but there's a little Snake game in there. Remember, the little game on Nokia phones? You were a snake and you had to eat the food that popped around the screen, avoiding the walls and yourself. You grew longer with each meal, and the game continuously became difficult.

That game's in the YouTube player now. Where? You ask? The next time your video stops (annoyingly) to buffer, press one of the arrow keys, and the little set of white dots that go round and round will become a snake.

You can move the little snake around. The game is really fast, as compared to the Nokia version, with the default settings. The food here is a white dot, which looks the same like the ones forming the snake. It blinks softly, and you can eat it to grow. Unlike the mobile version of this game, the snake grows pretty fast, and the food may not appear in some cases. You have to keep running around until it does.

Also, it depends on the video if you'll be able to see the food clearly. If the video is very colourful (or grey, matching the colour of the food itself) you won't be able to see it. It's fun.

Also, the game continues to play until you lose, even when the video starts playing. Sometimes, you may find the game more interesting than the video itself. Sorry, you people with really fast Internet connections. You cannot enjoy this as much as we do.

So, that's a fun little way to help users while away the time the video takes to buffer. Good thinking, Google.

Update: Here's the longest I could get...

Phineas and Ferb in the background!