Monday, October 18, 2010

Get a Chrome-like omnibar for Firefox

Yesterday, I switched to Firefox again, because I felt it was faster now (I'm using the beta version, which is awesome). But I really couldn't live with a separate search bar. I really loved the simplistic Omnibar that Chrome offered.

So, I went out and looked for an add-on that let me do that, which I knew would exist. I just found the one. So, the add-on is called 'Omnibar'... not very special. And it combines the search bar and the address bar, without interfering with either of them, and without disabling anything. I still have the option to switch search engines just like before, and it does give suggestions and stuff like Chrome.

So, Omnibar for Firefox looks like this:

If you were using Chrome only because of the Omnibar, you don't have any reason not to switch to Firefox.

Get Ajit K's Omnibar Firefox add-on now.

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