Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wolfram|Alpha adding peoples' photos

Wolfram|Alpha, the awesome computational knowledge engine has got a pretty interesting new feature. Because I am now preview testing the new features for W|A, I got to know this even earlier, but now, it's available to everyone.

They now have photos of famous people.

If you now search for a famous personality, like Stephen Wolfram here, you get the usual results, with a new result, being her photo. Currently, many people are missing photos, which will be hopefully added in. I also want to have photos of other things we search for. That would be useful in a lot of cases.

I just want to see when they start spying on all of us and adding photos of every person in the world.

Want more Wolfram|Alpha fun? There's a lot in the archive. By that, I mean, a LOT. See how to track NASA (or anyone's) satellites using Wolfram|Alpha, mix up digital colours or find your location's antipode (this one's particularly interesting, and you HAVE to try it out).