Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Games: UMAG

Hey, here's the first post in my new series, Weekend Games. Here, I'll write about fun online games, all free (or with a decent free version) which you can use to while away your weekend, for which you have waited ages... after the previous one. So check back every weekend for a fun, addictive game. Warning: These may glue you to your computer.

So, here it is: UMAG. It is the abbreviation for 'Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game'. So the game does not have a name...!

So, for this one, you just go to the website (linked at the bottom) and begin playing as a guest. To save your stats and stuff, you need to create a free account for Candystand (the website), which can be very useful for playing other games as well and saving trophies and highscores. You can also Connect with Facebook and have some social fun with friends too.

UMAG is a really addictive, multiplayer game with tanks. Yes, tanks. Who doesn't love tank games? Also, more than that, it doesn't require a very powerful computer with a fast connection.

When you start the game, you are taken to the lobby first, and you don't need to do much before you play. Actually, nothing at all.

Click there image for a larger view. If you do that, you can see that little button in the bottom left that says 'Customize Tank'. Click it to, well, customize your tank. Tanks are slowly unlocked as you gain XP and move up Levels. The game lobby says 'Levels', which is essentially the same as 'Rank' which is written in the Customize Tank screen.

After you're done customizing, you can go out alone in the battlefield (if you like, and I recommend too) to test out your weapons. You get a plethora of different weaponry when you start any kind of game. You can test each of these in the single-player mode, where you have no opponents, and you can just go wild with your weapons. Practise aiming and stuff here.

In this game, you don't need to worry about wasting ammo anytime. You won't be buying them, which is a great thing about it. It's a really simple-structured game.

Click the 'quit' button at the bottom to... well... quit this. Now, you can choose to play either a 1 vs. 1 game, which is unranked and lets you battle one other player somewhere in the world, sitting in front  of his/her computer, or a 4-player game, which is ranked.

The game's pretty fun, after you get the hang of various weapons.

When in a game, any turn lasts for 15 seconds. You can use any weapon or move, before the turn is passed to the next player.

To move from location to another, which is not usually done much, you can press the 'move' button on the right part of the bottom console. You have a limited distance to move too.

You can also take advantage of the terrain. It's normally hard to shoot a tank which is in a 'hole' or behind a hill. You can use a drilling tool (which uses up a turn) to drill into the ground, or even cut down hills in front of you (in case of attacking). There is also a shield in the weapons at the bottom, which you can use when you are low on health. You retain it for three turns, or if you fire a weapon.

There's a chat feature in the game and lobby too.

So, that's all, and have fun.

Play UMAG now.