Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Distraction-free writing apps are good, but QuietWrite is in the cloud

This article is part of the series 'Going to the Cloud!' (that starts over here) and this time, I'll introduce something interesting. A distraction-free writing app, all online. It's called QuietWrite.

What is a distraction-free writing program, you ask? Well, it is a text editor, with uh... no distractions. Period. They are simply programs that are stripped bare of the various formatting and other settings so that you are not distracted in writing whatever you are writing.

An example is WriteMonkey, which I wrote about earlier, which is an installable app for Windows.

QuietWrite, being a distraction-free app, doesn't have much to write about. To get started, you just head over to the website (linked in the end of this post) and click the button that says Click to Write and start typing.

Even without an account, your writings will be saved. But you won't access it from anywhere else. Not even in another web browser. To save stuff, you need to sign up. It's real easy too. Just enter your email and password at the top and click Sign Up. QuietWrite says that you have signed up and you can now "write in peace". No form-filling, no email confirmation.

Now you can save and access your writings anytime, from anywhere. If you don't sign up, you will lose everything once your cookies are cleared.

When you've signed up, you can even publish your writings. As soon as you click Publish, you get a notification that your writing is now public and you get a URL that you can use to share your writing with others.

You can create a 'meme' so that people will be able to see who wrote your published writing. You can follow the link on the 'published' page or just click the button labelled Settings at the top-right and type in your name as you want it visible.

Just click Your Writings to see all you have written. If you have published a note and want to undo it, go to the writing and click Unpublish at the top-right.

So that's all you need to know about QuietWrite. Enjoy your distraction-free writing and the cloud! See ya!

Go to QuietWrite now!

[Via Lifehacker]

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