Saturday, December 11, 2010

Google Chrome 9 can 'prerender' pages for super-fast browsing

Google Chrome is an awesome web browser. Everyone knows that. When Google brought out the new Web Store, I got my hands on the Google Chrome dev channel and downloaded version 9. And I learnt that it has an experimental feature that allows you to load pages before you even visit them.

To enable prerendering for web pages, type in about:Flags in the Omnibox (which is the address bar for Chrome) and scroll down to see Web Page Prerendering. Hit Enable and just restart the browser to apply the changes.

What Chrome is supposed to do now is that it should analyze what you have regularly been doing on websites, and then predict what link you are going to click next. It should then start loading the page in the background, and so when you click it, it's already there.

Try it out and tell me in the comments if you noticed a big difference.
Note: This feature is still experimental. And as Chrome says at the top of the about:Flags page, things may break. So try this at your own risk.