Saturday, December 11, 2010

Capture window transparency, mouse pointer and more with Shotty

I've for long been search for a perfect screenshot program for Windows. You see, I am the author of a tech blog. I found Shotty. It's an amazing program that runs in the background, completely, consuming very less memory, and allows you to take screenshots like no other program has ever done.

Memory efficiency

As you can see, very impressively, Shotty takes only about 4 MB of your RAM. Even if you're running a very weak, old computer, it won't slow you down.

I mentioned before that Shotty takes screencaps like no other program. My statement was completely true. Shotty even captures the transparency of a program on your Windows machine running  Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Aero and transparency enabled. This is a fantastic feature. When you capture a window in high quality, it snaps the image in a way that the glass-like borders stay as they are. When you put them onto your site, or wherever, you can actually see the background colour of the page through them, which is beautiful.

When you capture a shot with Shotty, it even includes your mouse pointer, which I know is a really useful thing everybody needs in screenshots. You'll understand if you do something that involves taking lots of screenshots. No matter what mode, your mouse pointer is there. Even if you wish to capture a section of the screen, the screen goes dark, and then it allows you to snip the portion. When this happens, all the activity on the screen is paused, including your pointer.

This may not seem as important as it actually is. But Shotty also has a really wide range of editing options included. After you snap the shot, you can highlight a section, blur out a portion,  crop or resize an image and also add some text to it.

Shotty also allows you to upload an image to simple image sharing services, such as imgur (it is a site where you can simply upload photos without hassle and share the link). I use this all the time, because it happens in the background. If I upload it to Blogger, it takes time and obstructs me from writing as it uploads. Then I use the URL to insert the image into the post.

A lot more
Shotty has a lot of more features to offer. You can add a watermark to all your screenshots, snap with a delay of a few seconds, you can snap a window (with transparency as mentioned above) and more. I am not naming all the little features it has.

Over everything else, Shotty is a completely free download for Windows. You can install it on Windows XP or Server 2003 too, but they say that it has limitations. Nothing to worry. It won't capture transparency, that's all. They recommend Vista and up. You also need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed. This is included with Vista and 7.

Download Shotty!

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