Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tech predictions for 2011

Every tech blog on the web is making predictions for next year. Right Now In Tech is a tech blog that started this year. I need to make predictions too! So, in no particular order, here are my predictions for what may happen next year int he gadget world and the world wide web.

Facebook will continue growing but not all Internet users will join in
Facebook is already well over 500 million active users and is growing by thousands more users a day. Some people predict that by 2012-13, every Internet user in the world will be on Facebook. Though Facebook will keep growing at an insane rate in 2011, not all web users will join the social networking giant, even by 2013. There are some people, even those I know, who don't join Facebook and they say they never will either.

The iPhone will come to Verizon in the US
Apple has a huge customer base in the US. And people love the iPhone. There are rumors that The iPhone will leave its exclusivity with carrier AT&T and come to Verizon next year. I'm sure that Apple understands that if they make the iPhone available on Verizon, they will get a huge load of more customers.

Android will become top mobile OS
This year, Google's Android became the second most used mobile operating system. It crossed Apple's iOS and Research in Motion's BlackBerry's OS, both in a single year, and placed itself right behind Symbian (which is now gradually crumbling), which was originally created by Nokia, and was later used by some other brands for a while. I predict that it will soon become the most used OS for mobiles, especially if my next prediction holds right.

Next year is the year of tablets
Many people are predicting this one. Some may say that this year was the year of tablets, with the netbook sales in the US going down due to the advent of tablets. But I don't think so. Tablets have just arrived this year. The iPad was a smash hit, but it was certainly not an year for tablets. I think that will come next year. There are some news supporting this prediction too, like this one and this one. Also, Google will be releasing the newer versions of Android, like 2.3 (Gingerbread) and maybe 2.4 (Honeycomb) next year, which are said to be more 'tablet friendly', which may boost tablet sales even more.

The web will simply become more social
There are so many social networks now, with of course Facebook being the largest one. Most of them are now integrated with the entire web. Facebook Connect helps you use your Facbebook account to log into so many websites. You can 'Like' on Facebook, any post on the web with just a single click. I just think that social networks will get even more integrated with websites. This will, again create privacy scares, but that will make things so much more interesting. Humans love conflict, which brings excitement to our lives.

Everything will get even more depth
We saw so much of 3D this year. Even consumer point and shoot cameras and laptops. 3D TVs are everywhere now. I just think there will be so much more 3D in 2011. Nintendo 3DS will probably come out. There is also the possibility of glass-less 3D tech in larger screens, like TVs in countries other than Japan.

So that's all I can think of right now. I don't want to make lots of predictions, which turn out to be wrong next year. Everyone hates that!