Monday, December 13, 2010

Use KeepItWith.Me for super simple link sharing in the house

KeepItWith.Me is a simple, easy-to-use service that allows you to continue browsing the same website as you switch from your computer to mobile device, or whatever. A while ago, Lifehacker wrote up a post on the service.

I have a really useful idea on how to use it.

You have surely had the situation where you feel like showing another person (maybe in the same room) the website you are looking at. I mean, you feel like sending the link. But you have to go through the whole process of emailing it (IM is not always running for everyone), or sending it via Facebook. It happens to everyone.

How KeepItWith.Me works
The service works through bookmarklets. You save two unique bookmarks on your computer, and the same on all other devices. When you click the one that 'sends' the URL, the page you are currently browsing is saved on the KeepItWith.Me servers. When you click the 'receive' bookmark on the other device's browser, you receive the page you were browsing, and you can continue.

Visit the site to know more.

How you can use it to 'give' links to others
You and the other person could set up KIW.M together. Because there is no obligation for an account on the service, and you can create your unique bookmark in a jiffy, this is real simple. The set-up I'm talking about is saving the send and receive bookmarks on your browser, and emailing the complementing ones to your partner (KIW.M can email it for you in a couple of clicks).

When you want to send the link, just use KIW.M! You click the 'send' bookmark, and the other person clicks the 'receive' one. The other person can send back sites too, in this way.

Again, because there is no need for accounts, you can create multiple sets of bookmarks for your personal use, or for sharing it with certain friends.

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