Monday, January 31, 2011

Beginner Tip: See Facebook photos you are tagged in

Facebook of course, comes with loads of privacy concerns. You may want to see if you were tagged in the photos from yesterday. Or you may just want to untag yourself from stupid, cartoony photos when cleaning up your Facebook account. So here's how to see all the photos you are tagged in.

In Facebook, click Profile (top-right) corner. Or you can also click your name almost anywhere on the site. You will be taken to your Profile. [See what is the difference is between Profiles, Groups and Pages]

For the current Facebook profile layout, you must click 'Photos' in the list under your profile photo. Here, you will see your albums and below that, a collection of the photos and videos you are in. On the top of that section, click 'View Photos of Me'. You will now see all the photos you are currently tagged in. You can visit the photos and remove tags individually.

Want more tips, stay tuned.