Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tech News Flash: Mac App Store looks like a hit, while iPhone is prone to phishing the most

Gizmodo hands-on Lenovo U1 Hybrid: The amazing Lenovo hybrid laptop that transforms into an Android tablet by detaching the screen has come back to CES, without a market launch last year. Gizmodo tested it.

Mac App Store gets a million downloads in a day: The App Store for Macs launched very recently. In its first 24 hours, it saw 1 million downloads already. Angry Birds was the most popular. Then it got hacked for pirated apps.
[Apple via PCWorld]

Credit: Otaku Gadgets

Report: iPhone most prone to phishing attacks: Though the iPhone makes up 26% of the US smartphone market, 65% of successful phishing attacks are on iPhone users. BlackBerry users on the other hand are the least prone.
[ESET Threat Blog via Download Squad]

First Look at the Nintendo 3DS: CNET published a First Look video of the Nintendo 3DS from CES. It is the handheld gaming device with 3D graphics that does not require any special glasses.