Saturday, January 8, 2011

And now robots will serve drinks for your guests

Come on! It's 2011 already! The future is here. But there are no flying cars or teleportation. However, one interesting thing from old sci-fi flicks is not far away. And it's a fancy thing too. iRobot is demoing a robot at CES this year that you can control using your iPad, which can do simple tasks around the house.

iRobot is a company that makes robots that do household tasks like vacuuming and washing the floor, and also some military and police robots. But now, at CES 2011, they are showing off something really interesting.

The five-foot tall iRobot AVA (short for avatar) is a self-navigating robot that will be controlled with a tablet, like the iPad. iRobot CEO Colin Angle says that you can just tab the screen of your tablet to tell the robot where to go. AVA moves fast and accurately, using th plethora of navigational devices at its disposal.

iRobot doesn't yet have a release date announced, but whatever it is, it will be fun.

Where is the world going? Is the time when all the work in the house is done by robots not far off? I mean, the AVA can serve as an electronic butler! And I'm sure it will be a lot better when it releases.