Sunday, January 9, 2011

UK has more Wi-Fi ZONE certified hotspots than the US

I was just browsing around the Wi-Fi Alliance website when I found a tool that lets you search for certified Wi-Fi hotspots in a location. There was a table with top 10 cities and top 10 countries with the most Wi-Fi ZONE hotspots. And I was surprised with the stats it contained.

UK was the top country with the most number of certified and registered hotspots, with 9672 locations, while US was second with just 4846 locations. Italy was third with 1272 locations. In the world (cities), London,  Vienna and Manchester lead with 941, 277 and 262 locations respectively.

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Click here to see the original page and even more stats if you like. If you provide free (or even paid) Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi certified equipment, you can register at their site too and join more than 25,000 other providers.