Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wait! Dual-core CPU required for Android Honeycomb?

Android has become such a big platform now. In the US, it is selling faster than the iPhone and accelerating. But what is this? Will it actually require a dual-core CPU? Now there is a dual-core processor phone coming out sometime this year. But come on! These will be expensive! 

The current version, Android 2.2 is called Froyo. 2.3, which is slowly coming out on phones like Google's Nexus S, is called Gingerbread. But the next version, which is 3.0, named Honeycomb, which is also said to be released this year could require a mandatory dual-core processor in the phone.

Well I think this will be a big problem. I know tech is getting cheaper, but it takes time too. Google should release this new version sometime when everyone's phones will have a cheap dual-core CPU. Otherwise, Windows Phone will catch up. Really.

By the way, Google had once said that Android is supposed to be only for mobile phones, and not tablets, though Gingerbread and then on will be designed for tablets also. That's good, then. If more tablets start running Android (which will surely happen), this dual-core thing could be good. Tablets can easily have a dual-core processor.

Credit: AnandTech
Here's what Google should be doing now: There should be a tablet version, as well as a phone version of Android 2.4. Then the mobile phone version of Honeycomb can be less powerful and can run with a traditional CPU. The full-fledged tablet OS could be simply more powerful, like 32-bit and 64-bit.

Just don't take anything as a prediction from this post. I'm just doubtful about how this will turn out with Android smartphones.

[Boy Genius Report via PC Magazine via Gizmodo]

UPDATE: This was just a rumor. Google has cleared everything out.

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